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Applying Mulch the Right Way                                                               
Advice from George Kay & Associates by Bonnie McNeel
We’ve all seen it.  Many of us have even done it.  It’s overdone, misused, and many times even comical.  I’m talking about the mulching phenomena that
has swept our country.  Our landscapes are dotted with massive islands and small pyramids of mulch.  If a little is good, then a lot is better, right?  So,
we keep piling it on.  Who knew we could be so crazy about shredded wood?
There can be many benefits of mulch when used properly.  Unfortunately, mulching has become a fad that, when applied improperly, can actually be
detrimental to plants.  As you drive around, it is not uncommon to see these bizarre looking pyramids of mulch about 2 feet in diameter and 18 inches or
so tall surrounding a shade tree.  What exactly are they trying to accomplish with this mulching technique?

Here are some tips for applying mulch the right way:

Mulch, when applied correctly, can have many benefits.  Mulch helps to regulate the temperature and moisture of the soil, making conditions more
favorable for root growth.  Mulch also provides a layer of protection against soil compaction caused by lawn mowers and other heavy equipment.  This
will also help to protect the trunk from damage from lawnmowers by eliminating the need to mow and weed whack around the trunk.  Mulch, whether
bark, pine needles, or leaf litter, should mimic the floor of a forest, providing a light protective layer around the base of the plant that breaks down to
replenish nutrients in the soil.