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The Grass Is Always Greener...Or Is It? The Benefits of Groundcover  
Advice from George Kay & Associates by Bonnie McNeel
After a long cold winter it’s time to start thinking about our landscape:  fertilizing, pruning, and general maintenance.  Most of us, however, focus on one large
aspect of our landscape…the lawn.. It consumes most of our property, and a lot of our time.  Let's face it.  We are obsessed with our grass!  We spend dollar
after dollar on fertilizers, pesticides, and water just to have a patch of green to brag about to the neighbors.  I commend those with the patience to diligently
attend to their lawn.  But, is it really worth the time and money?  Heck!  Is it worth the detrimental effects of all the chemicals?  Not to mention there is a pretty
good chance that come drought time in August, your lawn is going to lose it’s luster and be mostly brown.
So, what’s the solution?  How about adding a bit of groundcover to your landscape.  Groundcover is an excellent way to add interest to your landscape.  It
comes in many varieties, sizes, textures, and shades of green.  That’s right, folks!  It’s green!  And, unlike grass, it stays green all year round and requires much
less maintenance.  Some varieties turn purplish in the winter, but how cool is that!  

A few tips for adding groundcover to your landscape:

Groundcover can provide year round interest, making the garden look lush and healthy, while providing a unifying appearance to the landscape.  Once
established, groundcover should require minimal maintenance, maybe an easy pruning twice a year. Now, I’m not saying we should eliminate grass
altogether, although, it’s not a bad idea.  However, by reducing the amount of grass on your property you can save time, money, and a whole lot of work, while
improving the overall quality of your landscape.