"...The team has given me beautiful, intelligent
designs, that take into account the surrounding
land and architecture as well as my personal
design and maintenance preferences..."
Ingrid O'Brien
21 North Sixth Street, Geneva, IL 60134
Providing professional landscape services to Geneva,
St. Charles, Wheaton, Barrington, Naperville, Lake
Forest, and surrounding areas.

The leaders in beautiful, quality landscape design and construction since 1979
21 North Sixth Street Geneva, Illinois 60134
Brian Kay, PLA
Bonnie McNeel, PLA

In 2004, Bonnie decided to switch gears and joined the team at George Kay & Associates.  The mentorship and experience
she has received from both George and Brian has proved to be invaluable.  Over the past 9 years Bonnie has become
involved in all operations at George Kay & Associates.  Bonnie is a Professional Landscape Architect registered with the State
of Illinois.  As a landscape architect, Bonnie takes the true feeling of the environment and crafts a beautiful outdoor scene.  
With an ability to create places out of spaces, Bonnie McNeel is a true asset to George Kay and Associates.   
Brian Kay, PLA- President/Owner of George Kay & Associates, Licensed
Landscape Architect

Brian Kay, son of the company's founder, George Kay, became interested in plants and
outdoor spaces as a child.  Growing up on the Hill Nursery in Dundee, IL, Brian was
exposed to many aspects of the nursery, plant, and landscape operation very early in
life.  Brian decided to pursue this interest in college.  In 1980 he received his Bachelor's
in Landscape Architecture from Mississippi State University.  After graduation Brian
moved to Florida.  Over the next couple of years he worked at a  small Landscape
Architecture firm in Fort Myers, FL, and a large Engineering firm in Orlando, FL.  In
1983, Brian moved to Texas where he worked for a short time at a small Landscape
Architecture firm before returning to Illinois and working for a Golf Course Architecture
firm.  After gaining valuable professional experience, Brian joined his dad at George
Kay & Associates in 1985.

Brian is a true artist with an appreciation and understanding of the built and natural environments. He has spent the last 30
years developing his design skills to seamlessly blend the two together. Brian is a licensed Landscape Architect in the State of
Illinois.  Although George has retired, Brian continues to hold true to the company's mission and foundation upon which his
father built the company, to educate clients, provide outstanding service and create quality classic landscapes.  Brian is an
exceptional asset, not only to George Kay & Associates, but to the field of Landscape Architecture.  Every person experiences
their landscape differently.  But, Brian knows it is the responsibility of George Kay & Associates to design, build and maintain
that experience to last a lifetime.
Note:  In 2008 Brian and George teamed up and co-authored Yard and Garden Makeovers: Your Guide to Creating a
Beautiful, Logical Landscape
, which chronicles many of the duo's landscape projects from start to finish.  They are
very proud to be able to share their knowledge and love of landscape design with the world.  If you are interested
in ordering a copy please call 630.232.6890.
Lake Forest, IL
Bonnie McNeel, PLA- Licensed Landscape Architect

Bonnie McNeel grew up in rural Illinois and learned early on to appreciate the beauty of
the outdoors. It wasn't until she went to college that she discovered her true calling of
landscape architecture.  At first she majored in engineering, but found the field was
focused too much on the sciences.  Landscape Architecture proved to be a good mix of
the arts and sciences, and stressed the importance of both function
and form.

In 2002, Bonnie graduated with her Bachelor's of Landscape Architecture from the
University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.  She immediately began her career in
Landscape Architecture at a multidisciplinary firm in Tinley Park, IL.  While there, Bonnie
worked in conjunction with architects, engineers, and local governments to design and
build large scale retail, industrial, and residential developments.
Geneva, IL